Salomon S Lab Sense

Here we are bringing you one of the most top rated running shoes in recent times, The Salomon S-Lab Sense 6. These are trail running shoes which is for those who want extra support and protection for foot from rugged terrain. These shoes weigh only 220g. This shoe has a single layer mesh which is combined with nylon layer. It comes with two different color schemes.

Facts & Rating

  • Brand

  • Use

  • Width

  • Weight

    Men: 220g
    Women: 220g
  • Price

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  • Breathability

    8 out of 10
  • Terrain

  • Heel to Toe Drop

    4 mm
  • Colorways

    2 different color schemes

  • Release In


8 Out of 10



Why you should have a pair

  • Salomon S-Lab Sense 6 has been attracting great attention from runners because of its unique design.

  • This shoe is extremely durable even it is been roughly used.

  • Its single layer mesh allows your feet to breath impressively.

  • The shoe has an extreme low weight.

  • Durable cushioning necessary will give extra boost for long distance runs.


salomon s lab sense 6 review cushion



Durable cushioning necessary provides you extra comfort for long distance runs. In the Midsole there is a generous amount of cushion is present which prevents the runner feeling anything on the ground beneath their feet. That is why, more comfort means more miles.



The Wet Traction Contragrip material on the outsole’s nubs allows the runner to have immersive amount of stickiness when running on the wet terrain. The snug-fitting upper with tight internal sleeve helps to keep runner’s feet in one spot while running.

salomon s-lab-sense 6 traction
salomon-s-lab-sense-6 flexibility



The advantage of having lighter weight and great flexibility in this shoe works well for fast running. It also helps to take quick over-turn.



The Salomon engineers used ProFeel film in a place of traditional midsole rock plate which delivers great amount of flexibility than the alternative. Despite of having so much flexibility, the shoe still manages to provide high level of stability on unforgiving terrain.


Things to Consider:

  • This shoe comes at quite a hefty fee.
  • Disappointing color options on these shoes.

Bottom line:

Salomon S-lab Sense 6 is the one running shoe which does everything and does it very well. The shoe offers comfort, impressive grip, great support, impact protection, good breathability and many more. The only thing you will have to consider that these shoes comes at a expensive price, but the quality and performance these shoes ensure won’t disappoint you.

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