Adidas Ultra Boost All Terrain

Introducing you all with a very popular running shoe series, the Adidas Ultra Boost All Terrain. The shoe was meant for winter running but, it is versatile enough to wear at any time of the wear. The shoe is well designed and performs its features well. It weighs 340g. These attractive pairs have 5 types of color schemes available on the market.

Facts & Rating

  • Breathability

    8 out of 10
  • Terrain

  • Heel to Toe Drop

    10 mm
  • Colorways

    Over 5 different color schemes

  • Release In


8.3 Out of 10



Why you should have a pair

  • Most of the consumers loved the water-repelling feature of the Adidas Ultra Boost All Terrain.

  • The outsole of the shoe delivered excellent traction, according some testers.

  • Several runners were very happy with the way Primknit hugged their feet, which resulted softness and protection for their while their problem-free run.

  • Many users lauded the shoe because the shoe was extremely comfortable which caused them feel like they were walking on clouds.

  • The shoe fits well and it’s true to its size.


adidas ultra boost atr mid



The midsole of the shoe features Adidas’s most popular Boost Technology which is made of EVA foam. This foam is all about springiness and it is well balanced. The midsole of the shoe is firmer than before and allows the user more grounded feel. Combining this midsole with Primknit upper makes it an excellent comfortable shoe.



The outsole of the shoe is made of Continental Rubber which has a very aggressive lug pattern. This pattern allows the runner to have great traction roads and trails, even on muddy terrains and iced over roads.

adidas ultra boost atr mid traction
adidas ultra boost atr mid fit



The upper of the footwear reaches higher than the ankles in an effort to give them higher level of stability. Most of the users said the support helped their feet to lock down in one place.



The most noticeable and praised feature of Adidas Ultra Boost All Terrain is its responsiveness. It has a great way to absorb shock and redistribute the impact energies of a stride.

adidas ultra boost atr mid for women

Things to Consider:

  • Several users complained that the tongue design of the shoe looked unappealing.
  • Some runners felt that sock collar was to much high and uncomfortable it hurt their ankle after few miles of running.
  • The shoe is quite expensive compared to other shoes.

Bottom line:

The Adidas Ultra Boost All Terrain is an improved version on new and unique features like water repellent, great stability and cushioning from the previous version. Though the shoe has a high price tag many people didn’t regret this shoe from buying because they felt the shoe was worth that kind of price.

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